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Nissan Leaf Battery Extender

Muxsan's main product is the luggage space-mounted extender battery for the Nissan Leaf. We can install battery extenders in any Nissan Leaf, including the models post-refresh (2018+, a.k.a. ZE1).

The extender battery is placed in the boot of your car, in a custom designed battery box. This battery box ensures your safety: it contains the battery and makes sure there is no way you can accidentally disconnect or break the extender battery. As such, you will be able to continue to use your trunk as you see fit: placing heavy things on top, even your dog having an accident will not harm the extender battery.

As you can see in the images, the battery box takes up a bit of space in the boot of your car. For the 2011-2013 generation, the box will extend to the lip of the trunk. For the 2013-2017 generation, it will be a bit below that. The largest extender battery adds approx. 160kg of weight to the back of your car. That is why we will modify the stock suspension for better rearward visibility and handling on bumpy roads. This is included in the price for a 22 or 33kWh extender battery. It is a paid option for the 11kWh extender.

With the largest extender battery, your range will roughly triple. This will transform your Nissan Leaf from a city car to a true all-round usable car. We offer three sizes of battery extenders: 11kWh, 22kWh and 33kWh. Please see the figure below, to check what your range would be with an extender in your Nissan Leaf. In most cases, your available range will be more than doubled with the large extender.

Select your car to see how much range an extender battery will add

Extender sizePriceRange with extender
33kWh€11 390281-333 km
22kWh€7 990214-246 km
11kWh€4 990147-199 km
Range is based on 163Wh/km real-world average consumption as reported on ev-database. Range estimates assume a battery with 7-12 remaining health bars

Benefits of getting a range extender

On top of the extended range, getting a battery extender will be very beneficial for your Nissan Leaf. The easiest way to explain the benefits, is to describe the extender battery as sharing the load for your car’s own battery. The extender battery takes some of the heat*, both in charging and in driving. This leads to a longer expected life span for your original Nissan Leaf battery and faster charging. With a MUXSAN range extender, you will be able to charge at full speed (approx 42-45 kW) up to 90% charge, even in winter. This makes it possible to do longer trips with multiple fast charging sessions in a reasonable amount of time.

*Technically we are talking about the current. In real-life testing, the main battery had 70% lower peak current going in and out at 10 Cº outside temperatures. As you can imagine, this leads to less heat being produced in the battery, thus mitigating the slower charging phenomena known as coldgate and rapidgate.

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Nissan e-NV200 Battery Extender

Nissan electric van with Battery Extender

The extender battery for the e-NV200 VAN and the Nissan e-NV200 EVALIA will improve the range of your car significantly. On top of that, you will benefit from faster charging and less battery degradation because of your choice to let Muxsan install a battery extender in your vehicle.

We offer a battery extender for your e-NV200 of up to 88 kWh inside the vehicle and up to 33kWh in the spare wheel area, which we call the ‘under body extender’ (UBEX). We will install the battery extender in our workshop in Delft, in one day.

The e-NV200 exists in multiple variants and thus has multiple extender battery size options. As such, we offer extender batteries up to 99 kWh. Please check the figure below for the price and compatibility of a Nissan e-NV200 battery extender.


ExtenderPrice (incl. VAT)Est. range
(24/40kWh original)
Remaining cargo capacity
11 kWh (UBEX)€ 5 990161 / 245 kmVAN: 679 kg
EVALIA 5-seat: 278kg
EVALIA 7-seat: 128kg
22 kWh (UBEX)€ 8 490217 / 300 kmVAN: 619 kg
EVALIA 5-seat: 218kg
EVALIA 7-seat: 68kg
33 kWh (UBEX)€ 11 490272 / 355 kmVAN: 559 kg
EVALIA 5-seat: 158kg
EVALIA 7-seat: 8kg
44 kWh (in-vehicle)€ 13 990327 / 410 kmVAN: 481 kg
EVALIA 5-seat: 80kg
66 kWh (in-vehicle)€ 17 990437 / 520 kmVAN: 361 kg
88 kWh (in-vehicle)€ 22 990546 / 630 kmVAN: 241 kg

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3-phase charger

With the larger battery capacity, our customers have noticed that it takes a longer time to charge all those batteries. Nissan has only ever offered single phase charging with their electric vehicles, with 3.3 kW (approx. 20 km/h) and 6.6kW (40km/h) offerings. For a 24 kWh Leaf, that means your car will be fully charged during your working hours or overnight. With a range extender battery, charging times may increase to unacceptable levels.

With three phase charging, provided you have access to three-phase charging stations, you can charge three times as quickly (11 or 22 kW), bringing back the charging time to just a couple of hours. You can be back to fully charged during a dinner date or a birthday party, giving you the full range of your extended battery for your drive home. Installing 3-phase charging does not interfere with the ability to fast-charge, in case you want to get going even faster.

Like the battery extender, the installation of 3-phase charging takes places in our Muxsan workshop in Delft, the Netherlands and will take approximately one day. We can combine the installation of your 3-phase charger with the installation of your extender battery on the same day and will give you a discount if you purchase both upgrades.

3-phase charging is available for the Nissan Leaf, Nissan e-NV200 VAN and Nissan e-NV200 EVALIA.

Prices for 3-phase charging are as follows:

Charging ratePricePrice
11 kW€ 2 990€ 2 490*
22 kW€ 4 990€ 3 990*

* as additional purchase with a large extender battery

All prices are including VAT, installation and warranty

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Nissan Leaf/e-NV200 tow hitch

Few electric cars have an approved tow hitch - even though in our opinion electric vehicles are ideal for towing heavy loads. With high torque at standstill to start moving confidently without risk of stalling the engine, smooth power delivery avoiding bumping around your valuable furniture during a house move and low noise, allowing you to hear if something is wrong, what is there not to love about towing loads behind your Leaf?

We offer installation of a Brink RMC removable tow hitch for € 990. This can be combined on the same day of installation as your extender battery, battery swap or any other modification we offer.

Nissan has not homologated the Leaf for towing loads, so the tow hitch is technically strictly for use with bike racks and luggage boxes. We do not take any responsibility if you decide to tow, say, a car trailer with another Nissan Leaf on top. Do send us the pictures, though!

Nissan Leaf Battery Swaps/Upgrades

For some people, the additional range provided by the extender batteries is not enough. For those people, and for people who cannot afford the loss of boot space, we offer the option to swap your battery for any other Nissan Leaf battery. Yes, all Nissan Leaf batteries are essentially interchangeable. We regularly stock as-new batteries of all capacities. You can also bring your own battery and have us install it.

With the 40kWh batteries and larger, we highly recommend also installing a range-extender battery. These batteries are prone to overheating and will limit your ability to charge at DC fast chargers to 1-2 sessions per day — a phenomenon called rapidgate. With the range extender battery installed, your car can be fast charged and driven almost indefinitely before overheating.

The 40kWh batteries are also prone to more rapid degradation than other brands of batteries - something closely related to their overheating issues. This, too, can be partially mitigated with the installation of an extender battery.

It is possible to do downgrades, straight replacements or new installs as well (e.g. installing a bought battery into a Nissan Leaf with removed rental battery).

It is also possible to buy a battery swap kit, to do a battery replacement by yourself or by a local garage. We do not offer any warranty on this type of installation.

Prices including VAT and installation (except for the kits):

Product / ServicePrice
30 kWh€ 6 990
40 kWh€ 8 790
62 kWh€ 13 490
Battery swap kit (24/30/40 kWh)€ 700
Battery swap kit (62 kWh)€ 1 000

e-NV200 Battery swap/upgrade

We offer the same service for your Nissan e-NV200 or Evalia. Because of the added complexity of the coolant loop on the van battery, we charge an additional € 500 per installation.

Product / ServicePrice
40 kWh€ 9 490

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