Payment and warranty

Can I pay cash?

No, we only accept IBAN payments in Euro (for foreign currencies: you can use e.g. Transferwise)

Can I pay in terms or lease a product?

No, we only accept a full payment up front

What are the payment terms?

We require your payment one week (5 working days) before installation, in full.

My car is still in warranty. Do I lose my warranty when one of MUXSAN's products is installed?

We expect most warranty cases to still be honored, but we cannot guarantee this. If you are worried about your warranty, we recommend holding off on a MUXSAN upgrade until your car is out of warranty. We do have experience with Nissan honoring warranty on non-drivetrain issues with about 10 of our customers now. So far, as far as we know, no warranty issues have been denied, but we also have not heard of drivetrain warranty issues in our customer pool yet.

What are the warranty terms on your products?

(i) 2 years on labor and workmanship
(ii) 5 years of firmware updates
(iii) safety/security recalls for the life of the product.

Do you have a capacity warranty on the extender batteries?

Yes, 2 years or 50 000km (30 000 mi), whichever comes first, to 90% usable capacity of the extender battery (not including the Nissan original battery).

Is the warranty transferrable when I sell my car including the MUXSAN upgrades?

No, warranty terms are not transferrable. If the new owner of the car registers their personal information with us, safety and security updates and recalls will still be done free of charge.

Something broke or malfunctions on my MUXSAN product, what do I do?

Contact us! We can often tell you better than a NISSAN official garage whether something needs immediate attention. Depending on the severity of your situation, you can come to us or we can come to you to fix the issue. If you ask us to come to you and the issue ends up not being the fault of our product, we will charge you a call-out charge of €250 within the Netherlands or €45/hr + travel expenses within the EU.

I bought a small extender battery and would like to upgrade to a larger one. Is this possible?

Yes, depending on the product this will cost you at least the difference between the products. Some products take more time to upgrade or have to be completely replaced. Inquire with us for current prices on upgrades.

I am not satisfied with the product and would like to have it removed. Is this possible?

Of course, but we do charge a fee of €500-1000 to remove the product, depending on the product you would like to have removed. In some cases, the modification will have involved cutting into parts of the car that cannot be returned to an original state without replacing parts. This is generally not a problem, but if you would like these parts to be replaced, this may cost extra.


Does the German TÜV accept MUXSAN modifications?

Partially. CCS, Three-phase chargers, battery swaps and tow hitches are allowed. Extender batteries are currently not generally allowed yet. It is possible to get your car individually certified, but we are also applying for E-certification to allow the modification to be installed without the need for a separate individual certification. We highly recommend waiting until we have E-certification if your car is registered in Germany

What is the source of your extender batteries? Are they new?

The batteries are completely new, and use an in-house developed battery management system and thermal management system.

Why don't you use other batteries?

We specifically chose these batteries for their excellent technical characteristics that complement and alleviate many of Nissan's battery issues. For more information on the battery technology, look in our blog section.

My Nissan Leaf has low regeneration power. Can you fix this?

We modify the regeneration power when installing a new battery or an extender battery. This will usually allow for full regeneration power in most circumstances after about 5-10km of driving if you start with a full battery.

Can I install a tow hitch myself?

The extender battery blocks access to the cable throughput and signal connections for most tow hitch kits. This means you cannot install a tow hitch AFTER installing an extender. However, you are of course free to install a tow hitch before letting us modify your car further.

My Nissan Leaf is very slow to charge using the CHAdeMO fast charging port. Can you fix this?

When we install an extender battery, the charging profile is improved to allow for longer and faster fast charging in most circumstances. We advertise this in the configurator with the 'full-speed charging percentage'. If we advertise the car to charge at full speed for 22kWh, that means the car can charge at full DC fast charging speeds (approx. 45kW) for about half an hour before throttling. This means on long trips, the fastest charging strategy is to discharge the battery to about 10-20% and then charge up to that specified point.

My Nissan Leaf always turns on the heater if I enable the fan in winter. Can you make it so it only blows (cold) air to save energy?

Note: this is only applicable to Gen.1 Leafs. Yes, we offer a modification to the A/C and heating system that forces the car to disable automatically turning on the heater in winter. This is a €80 option for any installation

What are the range estimates on your website based on?

We use the energy consumption figures from ev-database.org. These are usually averages reported by users, so range may be better in summer and worse in winter, and depends on your driving style.

Can you increase the amount of regeneration on my car?

When we install an extender battery, the regenerative braking power is increased to reflect the extra capacity and lower internal resistance of the additional batteries. In general, this means the car has a little bit extra regen if you have a low-mileage Leaf, and a LOT more regen if you have a first-generation (2010-12) Leaf.

Are your extender batteries safe? What happens when I get rear-ended?

Our extender batteries are designed and installed in compliance with UN/ECE 100 and are installed outside the crash zone of the car (a certain distance from the outside bumper line). The battery modules themselves are automotive grade, designed to withstand impact and penetration without causing fire. The battery box itself is designed to contain any leaks of electrolyte and of course waterproof to withstand spillages over the battery box or to survive the rear hatch being opened in a rain/snow storm.

Do you have any faster fast charging options?

Yes, we offer CCS fast charging as an upgrade option. This replaces the AC charging port with a CCS port (type 2). You will receive a type 1 to type 2 adapter so you do not need new charging cables for AC charging. CCS charging speeds vary depending on your battery configuration


What do you need other than the car?

Before installation, please make sure your car is clean and as empty as possible on the inside. We also need a proof of ownership of your car. When placing an order, we send you an invitation that specifies exactly what you need to do, where you need to be and at what time you need to arrive.

Can you pick up my car and drop it off?

Yes, but we charge €45/hr including fast charging sessions for the pickup and dropoff service. This service is available only within the Netherlands.

Do you have a car I can use during installation?

Yes, we have an e-NV200 available (2-seater) or a range-extender 2nd generation Nissan Leaf which you can use for the duration of the install.

How long does an install take?

Most installs can be done in a day - bring the car in before 10:00 and you will get it back at 17:00. Some installs, especially when combining an extender battery and three phase charging, will take 2 days.
For reference:
(i) Battery swaps take between 1-3 hours
(ii) Extender battery installations take approx. 5-6 hours
(iii) three-phase charging installation takes approx. 4-6 hours
(iv) Tow bar installation takes approx. 2 hours.

Can I watch or help during the installation?

No, we cannot allow customers to be inside the workshop while working on the hoist or working with high voltage. Our insurance will get very angry if something happens to you.


Are there any reviews of your products?

For ethical reasons, we do not put any reviews on our website and do not link to specific reviews. Various customers have written reviews and testimonials on various websites.

Can I buy a DIY version of your product so I can install it myself?

No, this is not possible. The technical skill and tooling required to install our products, as well as the support burden we incur when enabling DIY installs, is too great for us to consider this option. Only us and certified partners can install our products.

How many installs have you done so far?

About 170 cars have received one or more MUXSAN products (as of Dec. 2022)

I live in another European country, can I get one of your products?

Yes, but you will have to bring your car to us.

Do you offer your products outside of Europe?

No, not yet. We are looking into licensing or franchising in this area

Do you offer your products in the US or Canada?

No, due to legal incompatibilities between the European and American justice system, we are choosing not to supply to the US/CA.

I would like to see your products in real life. Can I visit you?

Yes, send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment! We will make sure to have your chosen product on display.

Can I replace my battery, e.g. replacing a rented battery with a bought one?

Yes! You can have your battery removed by Nissan and a new battery installed by us. We do not actively offer to do battery upgrades anymore, as supply of these batteries is extremely limited. We can still upgrade your battery if you happen to find and buy a battery yourself. We are also working on an in-house battery replacement program (see future products).

Do you have a phone number? Can I call you for a quote or questions?

No, we do not currently have a phone number or somebody with the time to answer calls. We reserve our personal phone numbers for customers with acute problems and updates about their car while it is in the workshop.

Where can I leave a review? Can I write about you?

We do not have a place on our website to leave a review or testimonial, but of course you are free to use any other outlet to leave a review about the project or write about our company. You do not need to ask for permission to copy any quotes from our website. Please do attribute us when copying quotes or artwork.

Can I sell you my old battery when I get a new one swapped in?

Maybe. If your SOH (this can be determined via Leaf Spy Pro or CONSULT) is above 85%, we offer to buy your battery for €100/kWh. Above 92%, we pay €150/kWh.

Future products

Do you offer extender batteries for other cars than the Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200?

We are actively working on: Renault Kangoo, Renault Zoe. We are planning to work on (within 1 year): Mitsubishi Outlander.

Do you offer a way to upgrade the original Nissan battery instead of just extender batteries?

We have currently stopped actively promoting battery swaps on our website, as the supply of good quality 30/40/62kWh is extremely limited. However, we are developing our own in-house replacement battery that will start deliveries Q4 2022. Capacity is 33-45kWh, wich active thermal management. Prices TBA.