Upgrade your electric Nissan

Get further and get there faster with your Nissan electric vehicle. We can give all models very significant upgrades to battery capacity, charging speed and charging methods.

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Exit the summer fully charged!

Don't miss out on our special offer!
Take advantage of our special discount weeks from 8/7 to 16/8 and get a €500,- discount on 45 kWh extender/UBEX installations. Enhance your vehicle's battery capacity and extend its range with Muxsan's cutting-edge technology. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your ride and enjoy improved performance. Don't miss out—buy now and benefit from this exclusive offer!


At MUXSAN we are committed to upgrading and updating older electric vehicles to modern standards. We do this e.g. by extending their range and retrofitting improved charging standards.


Extender Battery

Extra batteries installed in your car.

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Main battery upgrade

Replace the old battery with a higher capacity one.

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Charging Options

Extra options to charge your car, at home, at work or at your grannies’.

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When buying one of our extender batteries or other products, you will need to bring your car to Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands, for us to install it. Please consider if you are able to do that, before making an appointment. Installation takes one day for most products.

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