Mischa Trüeb

Hi there! My name is Mischa, and I'm an mechanic at Muxsan B.V., an exciting electric car company. I am passionate about working on cutting-edge technologies and playing a vital role in the future of transportation.

I am thrilled to be part of the talented team at Muxsan B.V., an exceptional electric car company. As a mechanic and a student of aeronautical engineering, I have the incredible opportunity to work on cutting-edge electric vehicles, shaping the future of transportation. At Muxsan B.V., we are dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive industry and paving the way towards sustainable mobility.

With a profound passion for automobiles and a keen interest in engineering, working at Muxsan B.V. feels like a perfect fit. In addition to my expertise as a mechanic, I am currently studying aeronautical engineering, which provides me with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of advanced engineering principles.

As a mechanic, I immerse myself in the intricate world of electric cars, ensuring they operate flawlessly and efficiently. From meticulously diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical systems to fine-tuning mechanical components, I bring my expertise and attention to detail to every task. Drawing upon my knowledge of aeronautical engineering, I apply principles of aerodynamics and advanced engineering concepts to enhance the performance and efficiency of our electric vehicles.

Collaborating with a diverse team of talented professionals who share a common vision and drive has been an inspiring experience. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what electric cars can achieve, constantly pushing for innovation and advancements in technology. Muxsan B.V. represents the forefront of the electric car revolution, and I am proud to contribute my skills, knowledge, and insights from aeronautical engineering to this transformative journey.