Lars Hartman

Hi there! My name is Lars, and I'm an mechatronical engineer and IT manager at Muxsan B.V., an exciting electric car company. I am passionate about working on cutting-edge technologies and playing a vital role in the future of transportation.

Mechatronic specialist at Muxsan B.V., an electric car company, keeps me energized and excited every day. Studying Mechatronics in Delft has equipped me with a great understanding of the awesome interplay between the mechanical world, and the electrical, which perfectly aligns with my work at Muxsan B.V.

At Muxsan B.V., my primary focus is streamlining the production of the electronics, and (electrical) components needed for the installation of the extenders. This includes maintaining the production room, maintaining the machine responsible for producing the CAN Bridges. What’s great about this job, is seeing small parts coming together to create a functioning system.

Part of the task of streamlining the production, is maintaining the 3D-printers. This means that I oversee the production of all the core components, ensuring that they are printed accurately, without much post processing, and efficiently. By using the capabilities of fused deposition modelling, we can streamline our manufacturing process, reduce costs, and quickly iterate on design improvements.

Besides managing the production process, I am also the administrator and editor of our company website, I take pride in creating a user-friendly online platform that showcases our electric car models, their features, and the latest advancements in sustainable mobility. Through regular updates and engaging content, I strive to provide visitors with an informative and captivating online experience.