Gerrit van Reeuwijk

Hi there! My name is Gerrit, and I'm part of the office crew at Muxsan B.V., an exciting electric car company. I am passionate about working on cutting-edge technologies and playing a vital role in the future of transportation.

I am 20 years old and I am an enthusiastic student in Delft. I study Industrial Design Engineering, so I am driven to find innovative solutions that are both ecologically sustainable and functional. One of my interests is to transform the mobility sector towards a greener future, so Muxsan was the perfect fit for me!

In addition to my interest in sustainability, I also value the friendly atmosphere in the workplace. I believe that a positive and open work environment is essential for achieving success. I am a team player, communicatively skilled, and always open to collaboration and new ideas.

As a part of the office-crew, my communication skills come in handy. Through clear communication, we hope to give the customer a smooth experience for their car-upgrades.