Emile Nijssen

Hi there! My name is Emile, and I'm the owner and CEO of Muxsan B.V., an exciting electric car company. I am passionate about working on cutting-edge technologies and playing a vital role in the future of transportation.

As CEO and Head Engineer of Muxsan B.V., an electric car company that is making waves in the industry, I have always been fascinated by the intersection of engineering and sustainability.

During my academic journey, I became increasingly aware of the pressing need for sustainable transportation solutions. It became my mission to develop innovative technologies that would address the limitations of electric vehicle batteries and propel the industry forward. Drawing on my knowledge and expertise in engineering, I set out to design a battery extender that could revolutionize the range and performance of electric cars.

The journey was not without its challenges, but my unwavering dedication and passion kept me going. After countless hours of research, development, and testing, I successfully created a groundbreaking battery extender that exceeded all expectations. This invention became the foundation of Muxsan B.V., and with it, we have reshaped the landscape of electric vehicles.

I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished at Muxsan B.V. Our commitment to creating a greener world through advanced engineering solutions has positioned us as a leader in the electric vehicle market. Together with my talented team, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, striving to provide sustainable transportation options that will benefit both individuals and the planet.